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What Type Of Rum For Coquito. Take a shaker or a blender, add a glass of bacardi rum, a tablespoon of condensed milk, vanilla extract, and coconut cream. Puerto rican rum of course!!!

Coquito » Don Q Rum
Coquito » Don Q Rum from

Don q is the most popular brand in puerto rico. This creamy rum cocktail is rich, frothy, and delicious. You can also switch it up by using dark rum instead of white rum.

750 Milliliters (1 Bottle) White, Añejo Or Spiced Puerto Rican Rum.

The type of rum you use to make your coquito will vary depending on taste. The coquito makes the perfect holiday cocktail that can serve a large group of people. From what i’ve seen most traditional coquito recipes use exclusively white rum so i do worry about it not being as authentic with the substitution.

You Can Adjust The Amount Of Rum To Suit Your Taste Or Even Leave It Out For A Virgin Coquito.

Barcardi 151 is a favorite for some. Best rum for coquito traditional versions of the coquito drink are made with puerto rican rums such as don q ($15, reservebar ). Bacardí coquito is made with bacardí superior rum and a mix of vanilla, cinnamon and other festive spices.

Simultaneously, In A Saucepan, Boil Nutmeg And A Cinnamon Stick.

White rum has an abv of 40 percent (80 proof). Puerto rican rum of course!!! Chill for at least 4 hours.

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Whether You Prefer White Or Dark Rum Is Up To You.

Color can give us clues about time spent aging or the flavors that might be found within. What kind of rum should i use? I use the don q rums, they are my favorite and the flavor is on point as to how coquito should taste.

Don Q Is The Most Popular Brand In Puerto Rico.

You can also switch it up by using dark rum instead of white rum. What kind of rum do i use to make coquito? White, dark, spiced) you've got on hand.

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