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How To Patch A Hole In A Pool Liner With Water In It. When it’s time to adhere the patch to your liner, make sure you do it very quickly. For holes on the side of the liner, look for a small stream of water seeping from the hole.

Common Pool Breakdowns And How To Fix Them
Common Pool Breakdowns And How To Fix Them from

Open up the patch and press it onto the hole from the center, working outward. Pool liner patch kits are typically used to seal up larger tears and holes in your pool liner. Use your pool steps to place it in a location where the water in the bucket and the pool water outside the bucket are at about the same level.

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To determine this, you can use a couple of methods. As the water continues to drain out, look for other areas where you may need to repair the liner. Then mark the water line in your bucket and your pool (make sure the pump is.

If The Hole Can't Be Located, Fill A Bucket With Soapy Water And Rub It On The Pool Walls Completely With A Wet Cloth.

This is not due to chemicals, but the suns uv light causing the dye to fade. You can use a sharpie marker or a grease pen. Dab adhesive on each patch and each side of the pool.

Fold The Patch And Submerge It Underwater At The Location Of The Tear.

For holes on the floor of the liner, turn off the pump. Once the water level drops enough you can stop the draining and start to patch the liner. Cut a piece of the patch material to about 2 inches larger on all sides than the size of the hole in the liner.

Though Vinyl Patches Are Waterproof, You Don’t Want To Expose Them To The Water For Very Long.

You’ll need to fill the bucket almost to the top with pool water. Let the size of the patches be so that at least 1/2 inch of material overlaps the hole in the pool wall. The bucket method is probably the easiest.

Connect Your Hose To The Pool And Let It Drain Into An Area Where The Water Will Not Interfere With The Rest Of Your Landscape.

If your hole is 10 inches wide, then your patch will be around 14 inches. If your pool’s water level is lower than the equivalent water level in your bucket, you have a leak. When you are near the tear in the liner, open the patch, place it over the hole, and press firmly.

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